Silver Jubilee
LAW ADMISSION 2024 - 2025



To make exceptionally skilled, ethically strong, justice minded and socially responsible outstanding legal professionals


Strengthening Research driven learning and knowledge oriented approach to take the lead over memory based learning and evaluation.
Boosting the mooting abilities, oratorical skills, interpretive and analytical skills by conducting a periodical workshop, seminar, symposium, collegium, training programme, competitive exams coaching class.
Enhancing cognitive development and motivation by creating opportunities for active participation in field study which encourage critical thinking, long-term retention, transfer potential, positive attitudes towards Law and Justice.
Expertly interweave the relevant facts, legal provisions and favourable interpretations into a fabric, which would appeal to the decision maker via inculcating the power of Intellectual researcher.
Providing opportunities for the overall development of an individual into a legal professional.


S.NO Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr.S.Rajalakshmi Head of the Department , Associate Professor
2 Dr.A.Vijayalakshmi Assistant Professor (SG)
S.NO year attachments
1 2020 - 2022 AUTOPSY REPORT 2020-2022.pdf
2 2021 - 2022 Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Administration.pdf
3 2021 - 2023 autopsy report- 2021-2023.pdf
prison visit 2021-2023.pdf
4 2022 - 2023 juvenile Justice merged.pdf
Role of police in criminal justice system.pdf
Forensic science department visit.pdf
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