Silver Jubilee
LAW ADMISSION 2024 - 2025



To equip the students with an advanced knowledge and understanding of Intellectual Property Law, Policy and Governance in India and International Perspectives. To promote research and have multidisciplinary approach in the areas of Intellectual Property


To impart in-depth study of a range of contemporary issues in intellectual property law, and develop further critical understanding and research skills on the subject.
To introduce periodical changes to curricula for upgrading IP knowledge and make more practical oriented. To organize Lectures, Seminars, Symposium, Conferences, Workshop and Training programme for faculties and students for improving and enriching their knowledge in the subject.
To facilitate interactions with academicians from different Universities, Patent Examiners and controller form IP Office and advocates practicing in IP areas.
To arrange Outreach Programme to study about Geographical Indications Goods.
To arrange for Internship in IP Office and IP Firms to learn the procedural aspect of IP Laws.


S.NO Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Dr.Lucky George Head of the Department , Associate Professor
2 Dr.P.Brinda Assistant Professor (SG)
3 Dr.M.Sunil Gladson Assistant Professor (SG)
4 Ms.R.Aarthi Rathna Assistant Professor
5 Ms.K.Radhuka Assistant Professor
6 Mr.A.Jeffrey Andrew
Assistant Professor
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